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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your business hours?
    Our business hours are from 9.00 AM-6.00 PM (GMT+1), but we provide 24/7 global support when required.
  • Do you provide hardware and software?
    We provide all the necessary software for all our products, including the POS systems and the related add-ons. Hardware is optional and we will provide you with the necessary details and products upon request.
  • What's the best way to get in touch with you?
    We have a 24/7 support line where you can call and contact our team. You can also email us at for any inquiries you may have. Furthermore, you can use our contact form to send us a message.
  • Can you create websites and host them?
    We create and host both dynamic and eCommerce websites associated with your business, for which you use WITMEG products and services.
  • How do I pay you for subscriptions?
    Our monthly subscriptions are paid through the credit/debit card you used to purchase our product/s. We also offer the direct debit option in countries where our system is supported.
  • Does it work offline?
    Yes, our system can work offline when there is no active internet connection present.
  • Can I download my data?
    You can download your product details, customer details and transactional details anytime you want from the system.
  • Can I reuse my hardware?
    If your current hardware is compatible with our system, you can reuse them. Our team can help you figure out whether you can reuse your hardware.
  • Is there a back office system?
    Yes. Our back office system offers all the necessary functions to run the front end smoothly, such as item creation, customer account creation and many more.
  • Is there any set-up time before the system can go live?
    The system will be good to go immediately after the purchase, but it may require a set-up time depending on the amount of data that is needed to be uploaded to the system.
  • Is there multi-location support?
    Yes. All our products offer multi-location support in case your business is operating across multiple locations.
  • Can we create and set user permissions in the system?
    Yes. You can add several users to one system and manage user permissions accordingly.
  • Is an EPOS system suitable for my small business?
    EPOS systems suit business models of all sizes and complexities. They bring many advantages that help your business grow faster. Depending on the type of epos system for retail or restaurants the number of payment terminals, mobile management and reporting apps also need to be considered when choosing an EPOS system and related hardware.
  • Is WITMEG a Cloud-based solution?
    Our back office system is Cloud-based so that all your important data are saved.
  • Does the POS system run on iPads?
    At the moment, our POS system does not run on iPads.
  • On what OS does the system run?
    Our back office system runs on all the mainstream operating systems such as Mac and Windows. The front office system runs on Windows 7 and higher versions.
  • Can we export data to the system?
    Yes. You can download the data from your old system, transfer it into a format that is compatible with our system, and then export.
  • Would a non-technical person be able to use this system?
    Yes. Our system is user-friendly and very easy to get used to, so even a non-technical person can use it easily.
  • What is the return, cancellation and termination policy?
    You can find our return, cancellation and termination policy in our Terms & Conditions. Read our Terms & Conditions here.
  • Does the system have a loyalty module?
    Yes. We offer a customer loyalty module with our products where you are able to offer loyalty points, deals and offers and many other benefits to your customers.
  • With which payment types are WITMEG products integrated?
    Apart from cash payments, WITMEG supports card payments. Our payment terminals are EMV-compliant, so they support all types of credit/debit card payments.
  • Can we take payments from customers via payment links?
    Not at the moment, but this functionality will be supported in the near future.
  • Is there a daily transaction limit for how much money I can accept with WITMEG?
    There is no daily transaction limit for the number of payments you can accept with the WITMEG system. You can handle as many transactions as you like up to any amount.
  • Can we give email or text message receipts to customers?
    This functionality is not available at the moment.
  • Can I customise my receipt format?
    Yes. You can customise your receipt format from the back office system of the WITMEG POS system.
  • Does the system support any type of promotion (i.e. BOGO, 2 for 1, etc.)?
    Yes. You can create and give multiple promotion types for your customers through the system. Be it Buy One Get One, multi-buys, multi-saves or any other promotion, you can create them in the POS system.
  • Does the self-service kiosk provide options for upselling and cross-selling?
    Yes. With the self-service kiosk, you can encourage upselling and cross-selling among your customers ensuring more purchases.
  • Does the waiter pad allow access to customer profiles to see their order histories?
    No. The waiter pad does not allow this functionality. But you can always see your customer order histories from the back office.
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