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Provide faster, better customer service with Witmeg WaiterPad.png

Provide faster, better customer service with Witmeg WaiterPad

Sign up for WaiterPad to deliver an amazing experience for diners to establish unparalleled customer service.

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What is WaiterPad?

WaiterPad is a tablet application within the WITMEG Restaurant EPOS system and is a great fit within restaurants, cafés, and all other types of F&B businesses.

 It allows you to leverage tablets to take and change customer orders, allowing you to improve the quality of customer service and provide a stellar experience that will have your guests coming back for more!

Why should you sign up for Witmeg WaiterPad?

You can leverage a whole host of benefits by integrating tablet functionality into their EPOS system.

Here are some of the main advantages:

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Save time on taking orders

Reduce taken for orders, improving efficiency in customer service and creating a better experience for customers.


Never miss orders

Servers can send orders directly to the kitchen, reducing the chances of missing orders, leading to better service and less stress for your workers.


Manage dine-in, takeaway, and orders

You can manage all your orders, be it dine-in, ordering or takeway, to centralise order-taking and make the process easier.


Easily track multiple orders at once

Track multiple orders at once from a single tablet, your servers know the orders of each table all without the hassle of flipping through their notes!

Explore firsthand how WaiterPad can enable service excellence and boost diner loyalty in your restaurant business.

What features are on offer from the WaiterPad?

Here’s what WaiterPad brings to the table: 

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View the menus on the tablet

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Assign and re-assign order types and change tables

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Set cover numbers for each order

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View current table status

 (i.e. vacant or unavailable)

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View order history

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Add order notes

Want more information? Get in touch with a specialist from our team to meet all of your restaurant needs.


Ready to get started?

Want more information? Get in touch with a specialist from our team to meet all of your restaurant needs.

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