Make use of e-commerce integration for efficiency and satisfaction

Did you know it’s predicted that by 2026 60% of retail purchases are expected to take place online? With digital integration, retail businesses are able to facilitate smoother and streamlined processes, while benefiting from efficiency, stakeholder satisfaction, and a seamless experience. 

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Why make use of e-commerce integration? 

It is the binding medium of organisational processes, which links front-end operations and back-end operations. Such integration can fulfil the processes of sourcing, acquiring, accounting, managing stocks, sales invoicing, after-sales service, and customer care handling.

Data has shown that e-commerce accounts for more than 20% of all worldwide retail sales. With technology easing transportation links between countries and less time taken for activities, globalisation and competition have sparked industries to deliver quality and reasonability to consumers.

E-commerce saves a lot of time and resources being spent on monotonous and repetitive tasks. This allows a business to be creative and innovative and helps them make better decisions in competitive markets.

Here we discuss how you can carry your business to brighter avenues, so firms need to be equipped with a modern and up-to-date set of data about e-commerce, revenue, and sales strategies. 

How can WITMEG offer e-commerce integration solutions for your retail model? 

E-commerce platforms have been generous enough to provide an arena for all kinds of suppliers and consumers. Despite the size, nature, business type or model, consumer demographic, or location, every business has a platform through which it can generate profits.

Features WITMEG offers for retail stores:

We have 4 main features covered in our retail store software solutions, which are: 

1. Safe and secure payment processing

The software complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which aids and ensures maximum security during the process of credit card transactions.

2. Efficient refunds and returns

E-commerce integration can manage, record, and refund your customers in cash, product exchanges, or loyalty points. This aids efficiency and lowers the chance of miscommunications.

3. Convenient cash flow management

E-commerce systems can manage cash inflow and outflow, record petty cash transactions, and generate reports for financial decision-making, which ensures accuracy and zero error.

4. Seamless e-commerce integration

E-commerce software with the POS system can offer real-time analysis and evaluation which ensures the achievement of financial objectives through virtual and physical offerings. 

These features will work in conjunction with the functions that an EPOS system can offer and they are: 

1. Supply chain activities and processes

Irrespective of location and business type, supply chain activities have been made possible with digital integration, which has allowed businesses to widen their supplier base, vendor management systems, and supply-related stakeholders. 

2. Marketing and stakeholder engagement

Digital integration has created connectivity and chains of communication that are clear and concise, resulting in a better understanding of consumer needs, quality enhancements, and bonds between businesses and external stakeholders. 

3. Financing and monetary management

Digital integration prompts transparency and visibility with facilities such as data monitoring and managing. This transparency has led to better decision-making, lower rates of insolvency, and better budgetary management in processes. 

What are the benefits of this type of integration for consumers? 

There are between 12 and 24 million online stores, which makes the e-commerce environment volatile, fierce, and quickly saturating, which calls for firms to establish ways to gain a unique selling point and ideal brand proposition for consumers.

With integration, consumers benefit from: 


Using online systems for buying or selling from the comfort of the stakeholder’s own home increases convenience and practicality and pushes a unique selling point. Data has shown that 56.6% of customers prefer online shopping due to convenience and accessibility. 

Accessibility and reach

Data has shown that 57% of online shoppers shop internationally and online platforms can reach a wider audience; making more consumers aware of your business. Since the platforms are open to everyone, this allows consumers to decide on the most reliable retailer. 


Countries and consumers are still recovering from losses from the global pandemic, thus demand has only been stimulated a little. Businesses, therefore, have to adopt competitive pricing schemes that allow consumers to make comparisons with competitors and decide. 

Key Features of WITMEG to add value to businesses

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Technical Support

24/7 technical support dedicated to an exceptional customer service

Cloud Sync

Real-time data syncing to the Cloud when connected to an active internet connection

Offline Access

Fully functional system even when there is no internet connection available


What should businesses keep in mind when engaging in e-commerce systems?

Integrations for e-commerce is a very crowded and saturated market because it gives anyone and everyone a platform to perform on. Thus, firms should remember to prioritise cost optimisation, adopt the right pricing strategies, be reliable in product information, and be sustainable and accountable. 

What do customers like about digital integration?

It is expected that by 2040, a grand 95% of purchases will be made online. Consumers love convenience, accessibility, resilience, and cost-effectiveness. Thus, it is important to dive into market streams that are populated and loved by consumer bases. 

Adopt integration for e-commerce to satisfy customers

When implementing a digital EPOS solution for retail, you should consider speaking to EPOS consultants when encouraging and implementing the use of e-commerce within processes. Consult a professional from WITMEG to navigate the ideal solution to address the needs of your retail business.