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Food service businesses of all sizes stand to gain significant advantages including tighter cost controls, reduction of human error, and real-time insights by integrating stock control software that is specifically designed for restaurant operations.

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Restaurants often struggle with managing their inventory due to the sheer number of ingredients and utensils that need to be kept in stock for smooth operations. Therefore, tracking inventory manually can be a tedious task that is time-consuming and prone to errors and risks that lead to cash flow problems or losses from operations.

The stock control software for restaurants—often a core offering of restaurant EPOS systems, offers food service businesses opportunities to minimise labour costs and optimise resource allocation while informing better decision-making.

With the average profit margin of full-service restaurants in the UK standing at just 3-5%, restaurant owners need to ensure that efficient processes are in place to generate maximum returns on spending. This can be achieved reliably by using dependable restaurant stock control software. 

Implementing the right software to manage inventory in restaurants can help in holding the right amounts of stock, efficient re-ordering, and data-driven decision-making to avoid overstocking or stock-outs to continually achieve customer satisfaction and build a competitive edge.

How does a restaurant stock control software function?

The automated system removes the need for labour hours to be wasted on manual stock-keeping; this allows restaurant staff to focus more on higher value-adding tasks and be burdened less by repetitive and routine tasks.

The system keeps tabs on all inventory items, no matter the number, and as the inventory gets used up, the software automatically adjusts the stock levels in real time. 

In most cases pre-set reorder thresholds are activated for items where the stock levels fall to critical levels—this ensures the restaurant can serve everything on the menu no matter what the customers order.

Critical insights are generated by the software via advanced analytics based on the data captured. This allows restaurant owners and managers to make well-informed decisions, improving accuracy and results while reducing risks.

Why should restaurants invest in restaurant stock control software? 

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Elevated operational efficiency

Manual inventory management is prone to human error, which can lead to inaccurate stock levels, missed orders due to stock-outs, and overstocking which could lead to wastage. 

Stock control software for restaurants can improve the accuracy of stock-keeping and boost the efficiency of inventory management by automating the process. The system can track stock levels in real time, alert the relevant teams when stock is running low, and reorder items automatically when necessary.

Better cash flow management

Overstocking can tie up cash flow, lead to wastage, and reduce profitability. Similarly, stock-outs can lead to missed sales, lost opportunities, and customer dissatisfaction. 

By implementing an automated system for stock control, food service businesses can manage their cash flow better by avoiding both overstocking and understocking. Using the system can provide accurate data on stock levels, so businesses can order the right amount of stock at the right time and right price.

Enhanced customer experience

Implementing reliable stock control systems helps restaurants provide a better customer experience by ensuring that items are always available when customers place orders.

It can also help food service businesses gauge customer preferences through the data gathered and identify trends to make informed decisions about what products to keep in stock and when to reorder them. By offering a wide range of items that diners want, restaurants can increase their sales and customer loyalty.

Accurate decision-making

Stock control software can provide restaurants with vital insights and comprehensive analytics that relate to key metrics such as sales, customer behaviour, and stock movement. 

The system can generate comprehensive reports that help restaurant owners and managers make informed decisions about what items to stock, how much to order, and when to reorder them—eliminating ambiguity. These analytics can help restaurant operations improve their profitability and stay competitive.

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How do restaurants keep track of stock?

As with any other application, restaurant stock control activities are performed by accounting for inputs to the inventory and keeping track of the usage of items that are held in stock. In restaurants especially, keeping track of usage can be challenging as the amounts of ingredients used per order can vary from a few kilograms to only a couple of teaspoons—hence, automating this process is the most dependable method of stock control. 

What software is used for stock control?

Stock control software can take many forms, from a simple spreadsheet for extremely simple operations to powerful EPOS systems that meticulously keep track of all inputs and outputs. In the case of restaurant operations, it is advised to use dedicated software for restaurant stock control efforts.

How to do stock control in a restaurant?

Stock control in restaurants requires keeping tabs on all ingredients, utensils, upholstery, and more used in daily operations. As most items held in a restaurant’s inventory have a limited shelf-life and need to be used prior to expiry, automation by way of stock control software is the most dependable method of ensuring proper inventory control as well as food safety.

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