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Managing a restaurant, especially during peak hours, is one of the most challenging ordeals you and your staff can endure.

There are many moving parts to running a restaurant during peak hours, from taking orders to managing shifts and implementing discounts. There are so many aspects to running a restaurant to the point where it can be stressful for you and your staff.

This is because a lot of restaurants rely on manual methods to complete all these different operations from taking orders to billing their customers, which leads to several problems such as delays in servicing customers, mistakes in taking orders, and errors in calculating inventory levels.

However, with the right solution, you can build an agile, cost-effective restaurant that provides quick and efficient customer service while reducing the workload forced on you and your workers. This is what Witmeg’s EPOS systems for restaurants aim to accomplish.

Can you rejuvenate your hospitality business with EPOS systems in restaurants?

Witmeg’s EPOS systems for restaurants come with several features that can help you streamline restaurant management: 

  • Manage all of your orders on a single platform: Witmeg features an omnichannel point-of-sale system that can help you manage all orders within a single location to streamline the process and make it easier on your servers and faster for your customers.
  • Generate reports in real-time: Our Witmeg EPOS systems feature a built-in report section that can leverage real-time data to create accurate, reliable reports using the latest data in a matter of minutes, making it easier to read how the business is performing.
  • Track employee shifts: A simple yet practical way to manage clock-ins and clock-outs, easing the noting of work hours and productivity—track shifts for each employee throughout the week to ensure they complete the necessary hours and while not being overworked.
  • Implement discounts and refunds: Offer custom discounts at fixed amounts or rebates based on points or order value in your custom loyalty scheme via the POS system itself, making it easier for employees to implement the programme without risking errors. 

Why invest in Witmeg’s EPOS systems for restaurants? 

Witmeg’s EPOS systems for restaurants offer can benefit your restaurant in several ways, some of which include: 

  • Streamlined and simplified operations: Simplify many operations, such as order taking, report generation, offer implementation, and tracking of employee shifts. This goes a long way in streamlining business operations, allowing your employees to do more in less time.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Create a more productive work environment to improve customer service by ensuring that diners get their orders on time or are guaranteed their refunds and discounts in a timely manner. Greater customer satisfaction leads to more business.
  • Get an accurate picture of your business: View detailed breakdowns of sales and inventory levels to get a clear idea of how your business is performing and what areas need improvement. This improves decision-making within your restaurant and drives higher profitability.
  • Implement loyalty programs: If you are implementing loyalty programs, then Witmeg’s EPOS systems make the job easier by tracking customer orders and connecting them to your programs, simplifying the management of these programs—further enabling you to build customer loyalty.

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Can I download the pertinent data from the system?

Yes, you can download data from your EPOS system and store it on your local hard drive. The data you can download and store include product details, customer details, and transactional details. 

Do you offer multi-location support?

If you are operating in multiple outlets, then you will be glad to know that our EPOS system can work across multiple locations, making it easier to share the data amongst the different locations. With this EPOS system, you can collect and store data in a single location making it easier to compare and note performance across multiple branches from one central location. 

Is there training and support available?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training and support so all new users can be quickly brought on board with our new system. However, it should also be noted that our system is easy to use because it is intuitive and user-friendly. 

Do we get notifications about stock levels?

Yes, within the EPOS systems, you can set a limit for acceptable inventory stock levels and keep a real-time record of all available items in the EPOS system. Once the inventory stock drops below the threshold you set, it will send a notification to you and can be configured to trigger an automatic reorder by directly notifying your suppliers. 

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