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With each passing year, the retail industry seems to be shifting to a new status quo, which can disrupt business operations in the short run, making it difficult to achieve business goals, cut costs, and raise profits.

If you have encountered problems managing your retail business and maintaining stability and profitability, then Shenthuran Rajah, can help you.

A thirty-year industry veteran in tech development and business management, Shenthuran has in-depth experience in management and can help you devise the strategies to successfully navigate the turbulent field of retail using technology, data insights, and sophisticated BI dashboards.

If you want to speak with an industry veteran to devise effective strategies to increase profits and solve all problems, feel free to leverage Shenthuran’s decades of experience.

Retail Consulting

Why consider retail consulting?

Consulting with Shenthuran can help you do the following: 

  • Create a thorough business plan customised to your unique market, target audience, and industry trends using tech convergence and optimisation.
  • Optimise inventory management to improve cash flow and reduce losses by lowering stockouts, identifying slow-moving items, and optimising inventory levels.
  • Discover areas where expenses can be reduced, boosting productivity and profitability. 
Consult With Shenthuran

Why consult with Shenthuran Rajah?

Shenthuran Rajah has worked with retail businesses for over 30 years, helping them overcome problems and build profitable businesses.

Shenthuran’s extensive background in the industry began when he started as a telecommunications engineer before growing into a project manager and business analyst before founding and creating Witmeg, a company that specalises in creating hardware and software solutions that can give small and medium-sized businesses the power and benefit of sophisticated tech solutions that can give data-driven insights on business processes and management.

Along the way, Shenthuran gained experience conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses to identify issues that maybe hindering business processes. Over the years, he has seen just about every issue that can jolt a business and helped his clients navigate trying times with tech-based, data-driven solutions.

Shenthuran can provide you with insights into your operations and processes that will benefit your business and offer you the retail solutions you’ve been looking for by analysing your business’s data and studying your business dashboard.

With our consultation service, you can witness real growth and expand your business. 

What our customers say about us

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Motion Awesome shop

"At first, I was sceptical about working with a consultant, but Shenthu laid all my doubts to rest because his advice was worth 2x the investment. It was a pleasure working with him."


Elegant Boutique

"Shenthu provided insights that helped us resolve some long-standing issues that proved difficult to solve on our own. Thanks to Shenthu, we were able to devise some effective solutions."


The Fashion Fix

"If you're seeking a consultant who truly understands your goals, Shenthuran Rajah is the answer. Their expertise is unparalleled."

How retail consultants can help your business


Strategic planning

Customer experience enhancement

Customer experience enhancement

Financial analysis

Financial analysis

Inventory management

Inventory management

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If you’d like to take your retail operations up a notch to streamline your processes, consider getting help from a retail consultant to gain insights.

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