What does an online order management system provide wholesale businesses? 

An online management system is a tool used by wholesalers that offers a variety of benefits and facilitates the progress of wholesale operations towards efficiency, accuracy, and lower costs. 

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Why do wholesalers need an online order management system? 

Wholesale distribution businesses have several stakeholders because of their streams of work and this often leads to complexities in the supply chain and requires managing various multichannel sales platforms. With the number of stakeholders in play, it is important to have the right ordering system, to continue to be able to stay on top of purchase orders, income, customers, and inventory.

Wholesalers need to prioritise costs and competition because these are what propel the business and its sales. Lowering costs to fit in line with competition relies on extensions of automation within processes, which can be facilitated through an online ordering system.

A wholesale order management platform manages orders, stores consumer data, presents inventory visibly and transparently, income and purchase processing, and customer servicing. An online management system allows businesses to be organised, responsive, connective, and productive. 

What can an online order management system do?

When it comes to running a wholesale business, the processes of inventory management, financing, and billing operations tend to be nerve-wracking and unending due to the wide stakeholder base; this is why many wholesalers drift towards a management system to help convert workflow processes, which focuses on optimisation through every stage of production.

Wholesale businesses can make use of management systems by taking over:

Order management
Inventory management

Inventory management overlooks managing, controlling, evaluating, and organising inventory or stock of goods. An order system can manage the quantity, location, product segments, raw materials, work-in-progress products, and finished goods while ensuring that the right quantity of items is available at the right times to prevent wastage and excess inventory and minimise overheads

Vendor management

Vendor management oversees the engagement of suppliers. A management system can handle the selection of vendors while also negotiating contracts, managing costs, mitigating vendor-related risks, ensuring prompt service delivery, and smoothening wholesale operations. 68% of businesses consider the improvement and automation of procurement processes as a top priority for their organisation

Reports and analytics
Reporting, analytics, and billing

An order system allows the compilation, reporting, analysis, and monitoring of sales, finance, inventory, and stocks. The integrations, connectivity, and uniformity the platform offers allow businesses to make better and more informed decisions, especially in an industry where immense competitive pressures and economic volatility are predominant challenges on the rise 

Workflow management

An online ordering system manages your workflow from the first point of contact to the last point of contact. This unification within the organisation allows businesses to establish clear-cut processes, free from miscommunications, which leads to lower wastages, errors, and discrepancies within processes. In the long run, this makes businesses competitive, seamless, and responsive 

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What are the functions of an online order management system?

A management system strives to achieve balance, uniformity, consistency, and reliability throughout the wholesale hierarchy.

An order system: 

  • Optimises order fulfilment
  • Mitigates process disruptions
  • Manages the product life cycle
  • Generates responses to changing business models

Are order systems a part of customer relationship management?

An order management system has a variety of functions and since the systems aim to unify and integrate operations, it is able to prioritise and strengthen customer relationships. Thus, an order system is beneficial to both operations and customer management. 

Choosing an order management system

Your choice for an online order management system relies on factors such as the consumer demographic, competition, financial capability, and stakeholder adaptability. Get specialist advice on an order management system for wholesale businesses, like wholesale EPOS systems, and learn how it can be utilised to achieve operational optimisation. Speak to a specialist from WITMEG and discover the ideal solution to address and suit your wholesale business requirements.