August 29

What makes retail till systems a worthwhile investment for wholesalers and distributors?


Till systems specified for retail operations, also known as retail POS systems, allow retailers to process transactions, manage inventory, track sales, and generate reports among many other functionalities in their operations.

Retail till systems have experienced rapid adoption in the current business environment and are now essential tools for any retail business, but they can also benefit wholesalers and distributors who sell their products to retailers or sub-distributors.

Read on and explore how investing in till systems tailored for retail applications can also help wholesalers and distributors improve their efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

What functionalities of retail till systems aid wholesalers and distributors?

Retail till solutions which primarily serve retail applications also offer a host of functionalities that can effectively meet the requirements of wholesalers and distributors and benefit their operations.

Here are some of the most useful functionalities to elevate wholesale and distribution operations:

  • Automated and streamlined systems for order processing and invoicing

Till systems can automate the process of creating and sending invoices to retailers/buyers, reducing errors and saving time. They can also integrate with accounting software and payment platforms, making it easier to manage cash flow and taxes.

  • Comprehensive inventory management and stock control systems for ensuring speed and availability

By using till systems, distributors and wholesalers can track the quantities and locations of products that they have in stock in real-time, allowing them to monitor their stock levels meticulously and avoid overstocking or understocking. They can also use data from their till systems to forecast demand, plan replenishment, and optimise pricing.

  • Advanced analytics and access to data for boosting sales and marketing performance

The retail-oriented functionalities of these till systems enable the collection and analysis of data on buyer behaviour, preferences, and feedback, enabling wholesalers and distributors to tailor their products and services to meet the needs and expectations of tier buyers in addition to the end-customer. Wholesale and distribution operations can also leverage functionalities to run promotions, loyalty programmes, and cross-selling campaigns to increase sales and retention.

  • Optimised billing systems for improved facilitation of payments

Wholesalers and distributors can elevate service levels and satisfaction for buyers through accurate billing for faster and smoother transactions, facilitated by their till systems. They can also provide buyers with more options for payment methods, delivery modes, and returns policies, enhancing convenience and increasing reorder rates from customers.

How can retail till systems benefit the performance of wholesale and distribution operations?

In addition to the above opportunities unveiled through the use of till systems, wholesale and distribution operations can benefit most profoundly in 2 main areas detailed below:

Improved efficiency and accuracy

Integration of retail-focused till systems into distribution and wholesale operations can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the supply chain and better manage order placement with the producer.

Till systems built can also enable wholesalers and distributors to implement automatic replenishment systems, which can trigger orders based on predefined inventory thresholds or sales forecasts, helping them optimise their ordering, stocking, and delivery processes, and reduce errors and waste.

Informed decision-making is also made possible with real-time data and insights provided by the system into the performance of products and services. This can help wholesalers and distributors identify the best-selling items, the most profitable categories, and the most loyal customers.

Increased competitiveness and profitability

Through the use of till systems, wholesalers and distributors can gain a competitive edge over many of their rivals who rely on manual or outdated methods of managing their supply chain. Profitability can also be increased by cutting back on operational costs, increasing sales volumes, and enhancing customer loyalty.

Retail till systems can allow wholesalers and distributors greater flexibility that lets them cater to a wider customer base and connect with more retailers across different locations and channels. They can also attract more customers by offering more variety, quality, value, and convenience.

Building long-term relationships with retail clients is made easier by using retail till systems, as wholesalers and distributors can offer more personalised and customised solutions to their retail clients. Better client management through more detailed conditions and criteria such as special discounts, rewards, recommendations, and feedback can aid in increasing the trust and satisfaction of clients while encouraging more repeat purchases.

Consider deploying retail till systems to maximise the returns from wholesale and distribution operations

Till systems can be a great tool that helps wholesalers and retailers maximise returns with increased profits and elevated operational efficiency. It can also enable better servicing of their retail and sub-distribution clientele.

Make sure to get in touch with a reputed EPOS service provider that will offer you elaborate information about point-of-sale systems in the UK for a profit-driven wholesale or distribution business.