Meet diner expectations with a restaurant online order system 

Did you know that online food ordering has grown 300% faster than dine-in since 2014 and now accounts for roughly 40% of total restaurant sales? This is why a restaurant online order system would be useful.

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What are online order systems for restaurants? 

A restaurant online order system is a technology that gives customers the ability to place an order for food and beverages through a restaurant's website, app, or third-party app. An online restaurant order system integrates the processes of ordering, preparing, and delivering food to the diner. 

Why is online ordering in restaurants increasing? 

Consumers long for simplicity and convenience—this is where the market lies and is the unique selling point restaurants must focus on. Customers are now accustomed to doing everything online because everyone has a phone or smart device. It is also making markets and industries more fierce and diverse in terms of competition.

Restaurants have adapted to this trend to keep up with changing and growing consumer preferences. Naturally, the restaurants meet the demands of their customers through the increased usage of technology, innovative delivery methods, better marketing strategies, and worthwhile promotions.

What features does the WITMEG online order system offer? 

An online order system should be diverse, robust, agile, easy to use, and compliant with restaurant and diners’ needs.

Luckily, the WITMEG online ordering system offers the following features: 

Order management
1. Order management

This software accommodates all your orders in one platform. The system is able to manage all your orders on an omnichannel platform. This way, your restaurant benefits from a point-of-sale (POS) system that can multitask, which allows you to maximise the number of orders taken, increase your customer base, and establish strong customer relationships. 

Shift management
2. Shift management

The shift management feature allows a restaurant to keep track of the availability of chefs, waiters, and delivery drivers for an order. Therefore, restaurants can manage resources and orders efficiently, offer quality service, and estimate wait times for diners. These processes will elevate service and result in better feedback from satisfied diners. 

Discounts and refunds
3. Discounts and refunds

Who doesn’t love a good discount or refund? With a restaurant online order system, customers can benefit from both. A restaurant can offer discounts by percentage or a fixed amount and give a refund through cash or points. The POS system ensures that no blunders are made, elevating the restaurant's reputation and improving customer loyalty. 

Reports and analytics
4. Reports and analytics

Getting feedback and learning more about your customers’ behaviour and their wants and needs will allow you to serve them better This feature curates and creates reports with real-time data accuracy, which will lead to more confidence-backed decisions. This will result in you gaining a competitive advantage and utilising better marketing tactics.

Why are online order systems for restaurants needed?

With the features offered by the WITMEG online ordering system, there are a series of benefits that the system can bring to a restaurant’s ultimate goals: satisfied customers and more profits, such as:

Meets customer requirements  

Restaurants are able to meet two markets: in-house diners and at-home diners. An order system can manage a series of tasks for a restaurant, which will strike a balance between different types of orders and expand the services offered. All customer needs can thereby be met, bettering both customer satisfaction and the customer experience.

Multitasks and monitors deliveries  

An online ordering system allows a restaurant to keep an eye on all processes. These include overseeing the wait time, the drop-off time, and the pick-up times. This shows the restaurant's accountability and responsibility for the service provided, which increases customer satisfaction, the chances of positive feedback, and service quality.

Improves communication  

The majority of diners often check ratings, read reviews, and browse prior customer feedback before dining at or ordering from a restaurant. A restaurant online ordering system improves communication through integration and connectivity, resulting in fewer miscommunication errors, elevated services, better reviews, and more diner loyalty. 

Reduces wastage

Since order management systems create reports and generate analytics, resources can be allocated and managed effectively, especially when it comes to inventory. This will lead to less inventory going to waste, reducing costs, prioritising financial objectives, and resulting in a sustainable initiative, which will eventually lead to a competitive advantage. 

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What is a restaurant-based ordering system?

A restaurant-based ordering system focuses on managing inventory, tracking income, making payments, and analysing and evaluating orders. 

What is an online food ordering system?

An online ordering system utilises software integration to allow a restaurant to accept orders made online, manage them, and deliver them. 

What system do restaurants use to take orders?

A restaurant POS system is used by restaurants to run front-end and back-end restaurant processes, such as floor plan management, table management, reservations, sales and revenue monitoring, inventory management, staff rostering, marketing, and pricing. 

Adopt integration for e-commerce to satisfy customers

About 60% of restaurants can expect more sales when they offer online ordering. If you are considering implementing digital solutions for your restaurant and need restaurant EPOS systems, you should speak to the WITMEG team to help you enhance the operations of your restaurant.