July 31

Why should modern restaurants opt for an EPOS system with online ordering functionality?

The introduction of electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems has revolutionised the way restaurants operate, taking efficiency, accuracy, and overall customer satisfaction to new heights.

As technology continues to advance, however, it is essential for modern restaurants to consider the benefits of implementing an EPOS system with online ordering functionalities.

Moreover, with the popularity of online food ordering and delivery growing dramatically the world over, most restaurants find that a significant amount of their sales come in the form of online orders from customers.

Read on as we delve into the food service sector and explore why modern restaurants should opt for an EPOS system with online ordering functionality.

Roles an EPOS system with online ordering can play in the restaurant industry

EPOS systems are commonly used in restaurants to process transactions, record sales, manage inventory, and track customer data. It typically includes a touch-screen interface, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer.

EPOS systems have become increasingly popular in the restaurant industry due to their ability to streamline processes and reduce errors in orders and payments while providing real-time data for analysis.

Online ordering integration is the ability of EPOS systems to accept orders placed online through a restaurant’s website or mobile app directly into the system. It allows customers to place orders from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to physically visit the restaurant.

Orders are then automatically sent to the kitchen for preparation and can be tracked in real time by the restaurant staff.

Reasons to opt for EPOS systems with integrated online ordering

Increased efficiency and accuracy:

The integration of online ordering into an EPOS system can significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of the order-taking process, as orders are automatically sent to the kitchen, reducing the need for manual entry and the potential for errors. It also allows for more accurate tracking of inventory, as items are deducted from the system in real time as orders are placed by customers.

Improved customer experience:

Online ordering functionality provides customers with the convenience of placing orders from anywhere at any time. It eliminates the need to wait in long lines or on hold over the phone, providing a more seamless experience. Customers can also customise

their orders without the need for face-to-face communication, reducing the potential for errors and increasing customer satisfaction.

Risen sales and revenue:

The ability to accept online orders seamlessly can lead to increased sales and revenue for restaurants. By providing customers with the convenience of ordering online from anywhere, restaurants can attract new customers and increase repeat business. In addition, the integration of loyalty programmes and promotions into the online ordering system can incentivise customers to order more frequently and provide more business over the long term.

Enhanced real-time data analysis:

An EPOS system with online ordering functionality provides real-time data and analysis for restaurants. This data can be used to track sales trends, monitor inventory levels, and identify customer behaviour. By analysing this data, restaurants can make informed decisions on menu offerings, promotions, and even staffing.

Integrated delivery services:

Online ordering integration also allows for integration with third-party delivery services, such as Uber Eats or DoorDash. This integration eliminates the need for manual entry of delivery orders and provides real-time tracking of orders for both the restaurant and the customer. It can also lead to increased revenue for restaurants by expanding their customer base beyond those who are able to physically visit the restaurant.

Reduced labour costs:

With an EPOS system that offers online ordering integration, restaurant staff can spend less time taking orders over the phone or at the counter, requiring lesser shifts and reducing labour costs. As the system automatically processes orders, staff are freed up to focus on other tasks, such as preparing food and providing excellent customer service.

Integrate the ideal EPOS system for your restaurant that can elevate your operations to the next level with online ordering and so much more

In selecting an EPOS system for your restaurant, it is essential to consider factors such as cost, ease of use, customisability, security, and customer support in addition to features such as online ordering functionality.

Instead of plainly selecting an EPOS system with online ordering functionalities enabled, it is advisable to consider the role it will play in a broader and more comprehensive solution for restaurants in bringing their operations to the new era. Hence, working with an EPOS system provider that is an ideal fit can have a significant bearing on the success of this endeavour.

By choosing the right system and working with the right provider, restaurants can increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline operations for continued success in an increasingly competitive restaurant industry.