Elevate Your Restaurant Service to the Next Level

Service with WITMEG Waiter

Revolutionise Your Restaurant Service with WITMEG Waiter

Take your restaurant service to new heights with our cutting-edge mobile app designed exclusively for waiters and waitresses. Say goodbye to manual order-taking and hello to seamless efficiency and exceptional customer experiences.

How WITMEG Waiter Helps You?

Streamlined Order Management

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual note-taking. WITMEG Waiter allows you to quickly and accurately take orders with just a few taps, eliminating errors and improving order accuracy.

Real-time Table Management

Keep track of table statuses, assign tables to servers, and seamlessly manage covers. WITMEG Waiter provides a comprehensive view of your restaurant floor, allowing you to optimize seating and enhance guest experiences.


Stay connected with your kitchen and bar staff through real-time communication. Send order updates, special requests, and modifications directly from the app, ensuring smooth coordination and faster order preparation.

Order Management

Conveniently manage your orders and provide a seamless dining experience. Enjoy the flexibility to order in stages, ensuring that your dining preferences are accommodated. Whether it's splitting your order or converting it to a different type, our system is designed to adapt to your needs.

Seamless Integration

WITMEG Waiter is part of WITMEG Restaurant, ensuring seamless integration with our comprehensive ecosystem of solutions. From POS management to inventory control, we've got you covered.

Minimise Order Errors

Reduce order errors that can occur during the manual order-taking process. The app provides clear item descriptions, modifiers, and options, ensuring accurate order entry and minimising the chances of mistakes.

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